Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thirty Secrets

Definitely not a fiddle tune, but until I figure out how to get that file, we'll have to settle for post titles of whatever seems to be on my mind This book is great. I've read it through once all the way, front to back, and found it very practical information for relating to significant people in my life... I'm re-reading it now, taking some time to reflect on each of the thirty secrets.... trying to incorporate them into my way of being in a relationship... Does it work? Well, maybe sometimes. What I'm finding is that it takes two... and as much as I read on my own, and as much as I try to be good at relating, it is more than just me... and it's a lot of work... It's all worth it, and I'm committed to the journey... And I'd recommend this book to everyone whether or not they are having relationship issues or not... it's full of practical advice on how to get along with one person, and I think the principles can be applied to small groups too... Has anyone out there read this book? Any comments?

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