Monday, February 12, 2007

Denis Murphy's Polka

R and I are compiling tunes into programs! We will do an Irish gig just before St Patty's Day, and we'll be playing polkas for a workshop at the DECDA festival at the end of March. This is really exciting for us... to put together our favorite tunes in a presentation format. Neither polkas or Irish music have been a focus for us, so it seemed quite a challenge to come up with tunes we wanted to play. Thing is, once we researched a bit, we actually know a lot of tunes that fit both programs. I've spent most of the weekend researching tunes, looking at key signatures, and trying out the transitions... all in an effort to create sets of our favorites. R has been wonderfully supportive, it's all the more fun when shared!
Tomorrow I go back to my day job, which although wonderful, isn't the same as hanging out at home playing tunes and doing research on the computer. Good thing I'm having fun at work as well as at home, and so far neither has interfered with the other!
Wednesday is forecasted for a nor'easter. We put up firewood in the house for the week, and have checked provisions, just in case we get snowed in... though I'm not really anticipating that we will be... it seems every time they predict such a thing we only get 2" of white stuff, which as Martha says is "just for pretty". Still, you never know, we could get buried in snow if the stars are truly shinin' down on us!

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