Sunday, February 25, 2007

Parry Sound Reel

New Mixer Board & Speaker

The latest fiddlehedz news is all about sound! Richard spent a lot of time researching, and talking to people about, sound equipment... microphones, speakers, mixer boards and the list of extras that go along with a complete sound system. Having a sound system opens up a new world of opportunity. We can provide sound for contradances that we play at, as well as other functions... and we can also hire ourselves out to do sound for other people. The learning process started yesterday when Richard set everything up for a practice session... how fun! The other thing Richard did was to record our practice session... we can critique our sound, the mix, the tempo, the arrangments and more.
Our long term goal is to organize and present community contradances. We are putting together music programs, practicing calling dances, composing tune sets, and practicing for technique/tempo/dancability. It is exciting to be working toward something together, to have this mental picture of what we will be doing, and to be passing milestones already! No illusions about the journey being easy, but it's encouraging to see the dream becoming reality.
Parry Sound Reel comes from the Fiddle Music of PEI.


b said...

Fancy! Can't wait to hear it.

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