Sunday, February 18, 2007

Walking Tune

Jen was down with Avery today... what fun! A is so good at putting puzzles together, reading stories to his monkey "George", telling stories, and these days, especially saying "NO". Of course, he is only testing his limits, and once he thinks about it, his answer actually becomes yes on occasion! We had a great walk outside... we heard chickadees, saw deer paths, had a plow truck drive by, and stomped in the snowbanks! It was fun just having time that was uninterrupted, unhurried, and really felt like "hanging out". A got to see his uncle Toby too!
Walking Tune is a piece of sheet music we've collected over the years. I remember learning the (Swedish) Walking Tune years ago at Maine Fiddle Camp... then hearing it again on Prairie Home Companion and hurrying to get my fiddle to play along... and playing it as a march while at Ashokan... it comes up now and then, and is always a treat.
Having a walking tune in my head helps to keep the momentum and focus of the moment. How do you center yourself? Where do you find yourself grounded and recharged?

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