Friday, February 23, 2007

Memory Waltz

Two years ago tonight Richard and I danced two waltzes at the Whitefield Dance. It was like a courtship, because no one really dances both waltzes with the same person unless they're married or otherwise connected. Most contradances are structured so that there is an intermission about halfway through the evening, and there is one waltz just before the intermission, and the second waltz is the last dance of the night. Typically I would leave either when the first waltz was called, or if I did dance the first waltz, I'd leave at intermission. Part of this is because I'm more of a morning person & my job starts early so I'm not used to staying up really late. The other reason is intermission is a time to mingle and socialize, which I am not very good at. Anyway, two years ago, I dance with Richard throughout the evening, including the two waltzes, and we talked off and on through the evening also. We started a pretty fast courtship from that weekend on... so it's sort of like the beginning of our anniversary... two years of memories...
Memory Waltz can be found in the Twin Fiddling book.

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