Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Church Street

Every fourth Wednesday of the month there's a jam session held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Augusta, ME. Folks gather from around the area, some driving an hour or more. Most of the jams we attend have a pretty regular core group of musicians, with a pretty regular cast of occasional players who make it whenever they can. It's quite possible to book every evening of our week with opportunities to play music... and there have been a few weeks that we've done just that! What happens though, is a breakdown in the structure of our personal life. It's so important to have balances... to identify what the priorities are and to create time to participate and enjoy each of them. It doesn't mean "Do it all, and do it all now" but it does mean to be mindful of how our time and resources are utilized. Sometimes it's as simple as coordinating a jam session with maintaining social connections... or playing music at a community event... or spending an evening at home playing duets after a walk in the woods. For me, the UU jam is a priority because it is close to home (only 25 minutes away), involves the contra style tunes that we've focused on right now, and offers a chance to keep in touch with some friends.
Church Street is a tune we've picked up along the way somewhere... one of the many pieces of sheet music that has been shared with us, possibly at a UU jam!

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