Monday, September 04, 2006

Phone Call

Can you stand it? This little guy is the highlight of my life... well, next to Richard of course... oh, and when talking boys I have to also include Toby and B... and Dad... oh the list goes ON and ON... but you get the idea... Avery is the leader of the pack these days.
We got this kitchen set FREE at one of the neighbor's houses this weekend... they had bicycles, a portable closet, a bouncy horse and other items. I picked up the kitchen set-up and a Little Tikes plastic picnic table that Avery LOVED! He kept picking up the telephone and having little conversations :)

Avery carries on conversations even without a telephone... he knows a good amount of ASL (American Sign Language) for an 18 month old child... thanks to the constant input from his mom! (GOOD WORK JEN!) He also has some 'home signs' which are signs he learns by doing... not necessarily ASL... my favorite of these is 'bug' which he signs with a swatting motion as though a fly were trying to land on his face! Jen would brush away mosquitos/gnats/etc and say "bug, bug, bug" and Avery learned that swatting his cheeks meant "bug" hahaha... The funny thing is ASL sign may indeed be something very similar to swatting a bug off the cheek :)
Avery thought the lobsters at Gram and Gramps 50th anniversary party were 'bugs' and he'd scrunch up his nose and say "eeyuuuwwhhhhh"... and then he'd sign/say "bug, bug, bug" while swatting at his cheek... very funny!!! He even thought the stitches on my thumb was a bug!
Good news is that even though the end of my thumb is still numb/tingly I am much more comfortable, going without the bandage, scheduled for suture removal, and ABLE TO PLAY A BIT OF FIDDLE FOR ONE OR TWO TUNES... yahooo... I can't even describe how good it feels to pick up the stick and scratch out a couple of tunes that are in my head!
The good thing about this glass splinter and its surgical removal? My priorities are gaining perspective... The family weekend has been a huge success and I realize more than ever how important my mom and dad, my sisters, my daughter and grandson, my boys... and my wonderful HUSBAND are to me... and I also realize how MUCH I MISS FIDDLING when I can't do it! The fiddling I especially miss is the 'pick-up-and-play-at-home' tunes and looking forward to the jams... I want to do more barn dances, farmers markets, and community stuff. I wanted so bad to play at mom and dad's this weekend with Kathy and Richard... just could not be. Another time.
Oh yeah, Auntie Jo is so impressed with Avery's knowledge of ASL that she is on her way home to Virginia to introduce it to her daughter Tasha and grandson Bailey! Great demonstration Avery!
Phone Call is from Larry Unger's Reckless Reel.

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Anonymous said...

Avery - you are such a doll baby - thank you for show Aunti ASL - I can't wait to teach Bailey - one day you two can talk in sign to each other and amaze everyone