Saturday, September 02, 2006


My sisters and I grew up appreciating nature. We spent much of our childhood outdoors playing and exploring our world whether it was in our own back yard or on one of our vacations.
Making trails in the "little woods"... the little woods were directly behind our house and were really just a tree covered knoll. Beyond that was a field, and even further back were the "big woods" with tall, dense trees. The big woods were off limits to us, we thought we could get lost forever. But, the little woods were ours and we spent many hours of our summer vacation pretending to live there. One early morning, Debby and I decided we would run away and see how long it was before anyone noticed our absence. We climbed out the downstairs bedroom windown onto the bulkhead with our little bag of food and high-tailed it into the little woods, down one of our trails to a spot near the sandpit. We hung out there for a little while, who really knows how long... and then climbed back up over the bulkhead into the house... certain that no one had even missed us... oh well, back to life in big family!
Those days playing out in the little woods, or sifting through sand at the ocean, or watching the water tumble down the stream at Baxter... all these experiences have molded my sisters and me.
Thanks mom and dad for instilling a love and appreciation of nature in your daughters.

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