Sunday, September 17, 2006

Red Apple Rag

Kents Hill Orchard in Readfield was the place to be this morning... a sisters event picking apples! This is my first time picking apples, although we have several orchards in our area. Richard picked last year for the first time, he went with SK one day while I was at work so I missed out on the fun. No matter, I made up for it today! Deb, Kathie, Wendi, Courtney, and Kathy (German exchange student) all met at the orchard. Deb and I arrived first, and were announced as "It's the Davis girls!" by the owner Terry, a friend from high school days... that made us feel oh so special :)
We walked out through the trails and picked macintosh apples... and a few occasional raspberries too. I wasn't sure what to expect before we reached the orchard, whether we would need to climb trees and how we would manage to reach the red globes. The trees we picked from had branches quite close to the ground, so we could just reach up and pluck the apples from their perch.
After paying for our bounty, Terry asked if we would like a hayride, to which we all answered a hearty "Well, yeah!" We boarded the trailer being towed behind a farm tractor and had a leisurely ride around the property... this gave us more time to visit with one another without being engaged in the picking. We'll have a surprise package sent to Virginia Beach for the sister unable to attend, this will make our sister event as complete as possible given the circumstances!
Red Apple Rag can be found in the Fiddler's Fakebook.

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MaGreen said...

i have been dying to go picking something. we have blueberries in texas, and one morning we were all set to go, and on a whim called ahead to the farm...and found out they were all smunched by heavy rains.

as always, i'm enraptured by the photos on your site...