Monday, September 11, 2006


Richard's been working on this building since the spring... incorporating ideas from conversations we have, and also making it practical for the things we need~ like storing our firewood, setting up our tools, and maybe even extra lodging accommodations when the house is full.
I really like building things, and have had great experiences in the past. We have tried unsuccessfully for months to work together, because we both have our own ideas of "how it is supposed to be" and somehow have a breakdown in communication. Today was different though. We had a great day working together and we got a lot accomplished. Building without using plywood takes longer, but the reward of using natural materials is invaluable.
The primary goal was to get the back room ready to store our firewood. That meant getting a wall covered over in boards, putting a floor down, and installing windows. We got the wall and the floor done... the windows will get done tomorrow if all goes well. The really great thing about today was that we managed to keep our focus, do what we knew we needed to do, and were patient with one another. We have such fun contradancing and playing music, and being with our families that it's been a real shame not to share in the day-to-day chores and projects together. Working together today gives us another way "to be" in the relationship... another way to be partnered. It's been a long time coming, but probably more appreciated for the wait.
The woodshed will be getting filled in the next few weeks with firewood Richard cut, and that we split together (we did have fun that day with the wood splitter). Wood is our primary source of heat here at Fiddle Ridge. My family has heated with wood, either primarily or as a backup, since I can remember. The smell of a wood fire, keeping a pot of soup going throughout the day, watching the flames leap and dance in the evening... all a source of comfort in the cold of winter.
Woodshed is a tune from Jerry Holland's Collection of Fiddle Tunes.

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I want more pictures of the barn/wood shed! Let's have 'em