Sunday, September 24, 2006

Queen of the Fair

The Common Ground Fair was held this weekend in Unity Maine... a celebration of rural living in Maine. Richard and SK attended yesterday, and today I went with SK, Toby and Bryan. Saturday brought rain all day... today we experienced a few light showers and some sunshine before the heavier rains set in. The exhibits, food, and demonstrations were all great.
We went to the new tradition of Fiddler's Showcase in the morning... a kinder and less stressful presentation of music than the older tradition of Fiddle Contest. The Showcase is presented in a style similar to that of Maine Fiddle Camp, and I'm sure other venues... those who wish to participate sign up and get to play their favorite tunes and medleys. There were a few other opportunities to listen to music... a Spotlight Stage featured different musicians throughout the day and there was at least one jam session going on that evolved into an impromptu contra and square dance. It was nice to get out and see the different colors, crafts, textures, and people who love farming and being close to the land in one way or another. Very inspirational. There are so many crafts and activities that I have tried over the years, some that I have loved, others that I'm glad I tried (and moved on from!).
These days I love fiddling. I'm also constantly drawn to colors and patterns that remind me how much I love piecing quilts together, so I'm hoping to create time to do that soon. Today's outing certainly gives me motivation to do just that!


Megan said...

Sounds like fun. I was home this weekend for a 2-in-1 trip of conference and visit to the folks. Little did I know that the Seafood Festival was this weekend as well! Good times as well - anything to be outside with family!

Fiddler said...

You've got that right... Glad you got some time with the family, they're something special :)

Anonymous said...

except Megan doesn't like seafood!

Fiddler said...

Doesn't mean she doesn't like festivals :)