Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shoot Two Bits

We had some fun this afternoon when Richard's cousin Scott came to visit Fiddle Ridge. Scott had spent the morning at a shooting competition... so he had a nice assortment of firearms with him. This was his first visit out our way, and the first time we have shot any guns here. Richard and I both have some experience with firearms but it's been a while since we've handled guns of any kind. Scott was great... he was informative and patient with us, and if I learned anything from his visit today it is SAFETY FIRST. We used our wood road, shooting north and away from any possible traffic. The road dips down before forming another knoll... it made a perfect place to shoot at targets, a nice straight clear path with the knoll behind as the back stop. We used these targets for a while, then turned them around... and finally just took them off and used the cardboard figures. I can't even remember all the different guns we used... rifles and hand guns... but it was a good experience for us. Richard is planning to hunt this fall, he has his license already. Today was a good refresher course in hunter safety that we hadn't planned on. We are hoping to see more of Scott, and his boys!


B said...

where is "shoot 2 bits" from?

Fiddler said...

Shoot Two Bits is from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes