Friday, September 01, 2006


I have different memories of my grandparents, grammie and grampa down (remember? they lived down the road) and grammie up (she lived up-town).
Grammie and Grampa down were fairly stoic and utilitarian in their lifestyle and their communication styles with us grandkids. I mean, they were solid and their values are very close to the ones I hold today... but they weren't all 'huggy' and 'cuddly'. They set up tv trays in the living room for us to use while the adults sat at the big table talking French... they worked hard gardening, woodworking, cooking and their house was IMMACULATELY clean and tidy... that's where I learned to play Hi-Q and that rocks had different guts and names... that's where I first learned about plucking eyebrows... and that's where I met my first 'best friend' who maintains that title to this day. Grammie and Grampa down were solid.
Grammie up had a different sort of lifestyle, and I recognized it as one that (though I loved her dearly and she influenced my adult life in special ways) I didn't really want for myself. I love remembering that we went over there on Sundays for dinner after work. And when I make a great, hearty, meaty spaghetti sauce I love thinking that I'm following her example of throwing in EVERYTHING possible... when I bring leftovers to work I tell them it's her recipe :) She taught me how to wrap Christmas gifts ( I think she might have just been having me do her 'dirty' work, but I still remember her everytime I fold wrapping paper or place a piece of tape), and how to have a room ready for company (there was a twin bed ready for whenever uncle Buster came to visit). She also introduced me to her circle of 'alternate' family connections, and I loved how she always had someone to visit (taking me along) or someone who would come to call while I was there.
My mom and dad have been wonderful grandparents... I'm sure they've learned from their parents and probably from generations before that. My great-grandfather (my mom's grandpa) suffered a stroke when I was VERY young, and for so many years I thought he'd been struck by lightening... so it is with children and their limited understanding... they make things be whatever it is that they know...
I love being a grammah, I love that little Avery is a part of my daughter, and really, a part of me... I love that the energy from my mom and dad and their parents is carrying through him to future generations... I anticipate the day that I have more grandchildren, but I've also learned to 'live in the moment' and enjoy A for all that he is...
Thanks mom and dad for being an inspiration as grandparents!

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