Friday, September 01, 2006


Winters were such fun when we were growing up. One of our favorite activities was jumping in the snow. We had a big maple tree in the front yard that we could easily climb up into, especially in the winter because it was beside the road and the plow would mound up HUGE piles of snow... we could just about walk onto the bottom branches!
But, the absolute favorite jumping-in-the-snow-place was off the shed roof in the back yard. The snow would slide off the roof and make for easy access on the back side of the building, then we'd climb to the front (higher) side of the shed and JUMP off into the snow... and do it over, and over and over... all five of us! We felt so brave when we'd take that leap into the air. .
Other winter activities were tunneling in the snow, sliding down the little-woods-hill out back on flying saucers, building families of snowmen, and ice skating on our little frog pond. Our ski-doo trips were quite a scene... dad driving the machine with Joline riding behind him... a toboggan attached with mom and three more daughters riding in style, and a flying saucer with the fifth child acting as caboose. We rode through much of East Livermore for a few winters, laughing all the way!
Later years found us skiing at Spruce Mountain, still operating with its series of tow ropes. Ah, memories of winters past, mom and dad with matching ski sweaters, rows of rubber boots and heavy socks, red cheeks and runny noses. And always, when we came back in from the cold, there would be a wood fire going, fresh milk or cocoa, and something yummy from the oven to warm our bellies.
Winters today still bring back memories of growing up in a close family here in Maine... thanks mom and dad for the memories you built over the last 50 years.

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