Friday, September 15, 2006

Ice On the Road

Not the way you might envision if it were mid-winter here in Maine... no, this ice on the road is in the form of an upright food freezer that we went to get Friday evening. We have made the decision to get a freezer, and have discussed the options. We've visited some appliance stores to see what the latest features are, capacity of upright and chest styles, and the energy star ratings of the various brands and models. In the meantime, R's cousin has an extra freezer that he wants to get rid of... an upright model. We found that the upright models are not as energy efficient, but they do take up less floor space and have easier visibility and access. The chest freezers are more energy efficient and don't have much else going for them. So, we're getting the free upright... our limited floor space in the utility room is one deciding factor. The extra cost of energy will be more than outweighed by the purchase price of $0.00. The new acquisition is in large part in anticipation of R getting a deer this fall.

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