Friday, September 01, 2006

Family & Friends

All of us have our personal friends, those individuals with whom we connect and stay energized for creative projects... and that's great.
I have Robin, my very best, longest known friend... I met her under the lilac trees between my grandparents' (grammie and grampa down) house and her grandparents' house... I also have my children, three very important people who know me the VERY BEST of anyone in the whole wide world because, as Toby says, "have known me for thirty years or more".
My mom and dad are each other's best friend. They are what I aspire to in my relationships, whether with my children, co-workers, sisters, or my husband. My mom and dad have always been 'there' for one another. Whether it has been career growth or change, personal interest, family responsibilities... my mom and dad have supported each other 100%+ ALL THE TIME. I admire them for their commitment to family and friends, and mostly to each other... they have always come across as a united ENTITY no matter what the issue, situation, or opinion. That isn't to say that they don't have their own ideas on any given topic, but when it comes right down to it, they are TOGETHER... and that is an unbeatable force.
Thank you mom and dad for the ideal of what a true partnership can be.
I know that for me, I have friends at work... but my true (I can count on these people no matter what) friends are my family... mom and dad, sisters, and children... they are my biggest cheering section, and I want to be theirs in return.

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