Sunday, September 03, 2006

Come Dance and Sing

This has been a great weekend ... our home has been filled with laughter, stories, food and love. Jen and Avery spent a couple days and an overnight with us... Joline & Danny have been with us for the weekend too. Avery had such a good time with his cousin Gavin... and all his aunts and uncles... it has been a wonderful opportunity for him to get to experience the wonder of our family gatherings... plenty of hoop-hoop-hoop-lah.
We spent Sunday afternoon and evening at my mom and dad's helping them pre-celebrate their 50th anniversay (which happens in November) with a lobster feed... lobsters, clams, corn on the cob, potato salad, broccoli salad, beans... homemade ice cream and blueberry cake... munchies and plenty of beverages! We all donated photos for Wendy to compile into a slide show (great job!); put together a CD of songs from 1956 (with a few 'current' songs at Joline's recommendation!); made a lottery ticket bouquet and generally just had a good old time remembering things from the past 50 years... how fun! The best part of all? Now we have another memory to add to the list.
We all got to talk to Sam as the phone got passed around. Sam is in the Army, currently stationed in Iraq... his brother Ryan is also serving our country overseas... we miss them and the other family members not able to be present today. The slide show included photos of everyone which helped me feel some connection with those who are away.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
More celebrations as November gets closer... but this early anniversary bash was special because all five of us girls were able to be together with mom and dad.

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Anonymous said...

I love being with my sisters and my mom and dad, we can't make it to Maine as often as we would like since we all have families and responsiblities that won't allow us to - but the times we do visit - they are alway wonderful and filled with such fun family times. I love all of you so much