Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sheebeg (Chebeague) and Sheemore

Saturday was an absolutely perfect day from start to finish. Richard and I started out early to do a site evaluation. The property is steep and challenging but the owner is going to love waking up to this beautiful view (above), and that will make the process worth it in the end.

Next we met Jeff, Eric and Val (members of Wescustago Ramblers), Sandy (fellow fiddler), Sandy's husband Ken and Jeff's friend Evelyn for a boat ride across the water to Chebeague Island. This was the first time I'd been out of the water for quite a long time and I LOVED the fresh air, sunshine, and the smells of the ocean. There is a ferry available, but the schedule wouldn't have allowed me to get off the island in time... the only way I could make this trip was through Sandy and Ken's generous offer to take us all out, and pick us up when we were finished. THANKS!

So, the Wescustago Ramblers are on tour, assembling our gear and realizing we don't have a limo to get us to our gig. I've never been on Chebeague, but word was that we were NOT walking all the way to the Community Building... and we were not able to reach our friend to come pick us up. No matter, island communities in Maine are known to be friendly and accomodating and we were able to make other arrangements... Good thing we got the ride, because it really would have been a LOOOOONG walk hauling instruments and gear!
Our Limo

This event was a fundraiser and involved our playing for a contradance demonstration... there was also an olive oil tasting table, baked goods auction, various tables with things for sale, a woodturning exhibit, and activities for children. When we were finished playing music, we had a bite to eat before returning to the docks for departure.

Richard and I drove to Augusta... I attended a baby shower for my friend Justine, and Richard spent time at the library. Then we drove south again to play at the Family Dance at Wescustago Hall... the first of the season... had potluck supper and stayed for the first half of the regular Contradance. We got home around midnight, tired but happy that we'd had such a fun day together.


grizzlybird said...

what's a site evaluation?

Fiddler said...

Site evaluation is a soil test to determine whether or not the building site will support a septic system... type of soil, property setbacks, wells, streams and waterways, and the grade are some things to consider... once the site passes, a system gets designed...