Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Deer Walk

Deer walk all over and all around this property of ours. My sisters and I are planning on picking apples soon. The combination of apples and venison bring me to the topic of the day... mincemeat.
My grandmother, and my mom, have made mincemeat since I can remember. When I was younger I didn't care much for it, but like many other foods I have a much more discriminating palate for the finer foods... these days I LOVE a good mincemeat pie. This evening Richard and I had dinner with his mom and dad (shrimp casserole that I MUST get the recipe for) ... and for dessert, I was offered a piece of mincemeat pie made with green tomatoes. May I say, it was delicious! I've always had the venison version, but this was right up there with the best of the best, meat or no meat. Now, I've never made mincemeat myself, I've always taken advantage of the fact that others (thanks mom) know their way around a kitchen and a have a love of sharing what they bake. But, I'm seriously thinking that when Richard gets his deer this fall, I'll make mincemeat. I'm sure mom will be happy to share her recipe and also her tips for making it just so.
For today though, I'm happy to have sampled the 'vegetarian' version... and also happy to know I have a couple more pieces to enjoy over the next day or so! And yes Tonya, I will share some of my mincemeat pie with you at Club-E tomorrow :)
You can find Deer Walk in the Portland Collection.

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