Friday, September 01, 2006


Music has been a big part of the past 50 years for my mom and dad... and therefore for my sisters and me!
My mom played the autoharp and sang for Sunday school. My dad sang at the breakfast table on the weekends ("Good morning to you, Good morning to you, We're all in our places with bright shiny faces, Good morning to you..."). In the fourth grade my sisters and I each had the opportunity to try out a musical instrument through the program at school... I chose clarinet, then flute. School plays and choral concerts were ongoing for the five of us. I also had the opportunity to take piano lessons, that opened up another world of music to me... even though I did not continue with lessons in high school, I had somehow retained the love of playing and enough technical knowledge to pick it up again on my own... at least enough to pick out a tune and the chords! As an adult, my sister Kathie played guitar and taught me the basics. From there, it was quite a few years later when I found contradancing and really got hooked on the fiddle, which is now my main interest for music (though I still like to dabble in guitar, mandolin, bodhran, piano, harmonica and maybe even in the banjo)... it all started with Sunday school and 4th grade band instruments.

The other memory of music is my mom and dad waltzing in the kitchen to the Righteous Brothers... to this day whenever I hear Unchained Melody or You've Lost That Loving Feeling, all I see is my mom and dad in each others arms... very sweet!
Thanks mom and dad for supporting and encouraging all the music that has been introduced to us over the years.

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