Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pam's Tune(s)

A challenge has been set forth! Our Tuesday night jam has evolved into a practice session for fiddlehedz & company... fellow musicians Jim (on fiddle) and Paul (on guitar) have been coming regularly and we've collectively decided that we want to play more in public... family and community events. So, we've come up with a nice list of tunes that we feel comfortable with... and started exploring others. Last night, Paul issued a challenge in the form of a "homework assignment" that each of us will come up with a set of tunes that we'll practice next week. This is very exciting for me because not only is it choosing a series of tunes, it means figuring out how they'll transition from one to another, what the introduction could be, where there could be individual showcase areas while the others in the group do backup, and anything else we can think of to make the set interesting to listen to AND fun to play! Richard and I have a few sets we've put together already, and we have a few put together years ago by Kathy and me... so we have some experience with the basics. I can hardly wait to get started... ideas are already playing in my mind!
Pam's Tune can be found in the Curvy Road to Corinth as well as in the Portland Collection (first volume).

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B said...

Anxious to hear what ya'll come up with!