Monday, September 18, 2006

Tom Trainor

I have the privilege and the challenge of presenting our annual OSHA safety training update and review to the team at Club-E. I have done extensive research and reading on the recommended guidelines of OSHA, CDC, and OSAP... and love putting the presentation together for the team each year.
There are different viewpoints on rules and regulations, and though my first instinct is often to rebel and question them, I almost always can see the reasoning... the madness behind the method in most instances.
In my opinion, rules are not instituted until people exhibit irrresponsible behavior to the point that they inflict real or potential harm upon themselves or others. In other words, if people were reasonable and considerate of themselves and those around them, there would be very little if any need for rules or regulations.
That said, I'm ready to present the safety rules as they apply to our practice.
Tom Trainor comes from the Portland Collection Volume Two.

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